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Robert GeneidRobert Geneid is the Managing Director of Borsarmulu Park Management Sdn Bhd, the State of Sarawak's Appointed Management Agent for the tourism zone of the Gunung Mulu National Park. It is here, in the area under the management of his company that Robert Geneid is working to promote the future of the entire Park, with its rich biodiversity and unique areas of beauty in need of protection.

The Gunung Mulu National Park is arguably one of the most diverse parks on the planet and is home to a host of colourful and unusual species. The Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, further securing its protection for the many bird, animal and plant species that call it home and for future generations. Well off the beaten track, with access via a fairly small airport or a lengthy riverboat journey, the Park attracts visitors who are keen to preserve its ecotourism. Within the area under its management, the company also owns the Royal Mulu Resort, which is a undergoing major renewal program out of which it will emerge as one of the jewels in the crown of the Marriott Group Hotels.

Robert Geneid's concerns for Sarawak also include its local human population. He generally promotes education and has in place a new scholarship prize to be awarded to top pupils annually at the Batu Bungan School in the heart of Sarawak. It's a small school, having fewer than 200 pupils, but it is the only one serving Penan village, deep in Sarawak. The top three achievers each year will benefit from a cash prize as well as reimbursement of all or part of their school fees. To offer more general encouragement, Geneid is also promoting reading skills by awarding book tokens each term to the top pupil in every grade. These projects and others are run by the Robert Geneid Foundation with the express aim of affording opportunity to the people living in Mulu in keeping with his personal aspirations for seeing sustainable ecotourism thrive in the area to the benefit of all.

Australia-born Geneid was himself a keen student and high achiever. Born in the mid-1950s, he was granted a Commonwealth Scholarship and later graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of New South Wales, following which he worked for several years in the government and private sector on major infrastructure projects. He then elected to return to university and came away with a degree in Law in which he would work on major contracts relating to civil engineering projects. He later added mediation to his skill set and using all his education and experience has been involved in numerous major infrastructure projects in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

As mentioned, Robert Geneid's name is associated with many key projects in South East Asia, including the Taman Tunku Township, which was constructed to provide housing for 20,000 people. The new Port in Kuching and its outdoor stadium are other projects that have been successfully completed by the Kumpulan Construction company, of which he is Managing Director.

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